2 June, 2021

While tinted windows provide a host of benefits (more privacy, greater protection for your furniture, a more sleek home or business exterior, etc.), cleaning tinted windows can be a real chore to figure out. 

If you are looking for the best way to clean tinted windows, continue reading or get in touch with Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance to speak with one of our window cleaning technicians today. 


How To Clean Tinted Windows

How To Clean Tinted Windows in 4 Steps 

Struggling to clean your tinted windows? Here are 4 steps you can follow to get the job done quickly and effectively: 

  1. Create your cleaning solution. A mixture of 2-cups water, 3-tablespoons vinegar, and ½-teaspoon of liquid dish soap gets the job done. Mix your solution together and carefully pour it into a spray bottle. 
  2. Using the spray bottle, apply the solution to your tinted windows and wipe it with a microfibre cloth to loosen dust and grime. 
  3. Now use a squeegee to remove the soapy water from your window. 
  4. Finally, to eliminate streaks, rinse and dry your windows using distilled water and a squeegee. To really bring out the shine, buff the dry window with a fresh, dry microfibre cloth. 

Tinted Window Cleaning Tips 

Is this your first time cleaning a tinted window? Here are 4 tips to help you do the job correctly and without damage to your window tint:

  • Don’t use a cleaning solution that has ammonia in it, as ammonia can cause discoloration in tinted windows. 
  • Don’t clean your tinted windows if it’s been less than 30-days since you had them installed (it takes the tint time to set so you should wait to clean them). 
  • Avoid cleaning your windows with sharp blade squeegees, razors, newspapers, and even paper towels. All of these can easily scratch your window tint. 
  • Once it’s been over 30 days since installation, clean your tinted windows regularly in order to promote greater longevity and curb appeal. 
  • Have a professional window cleaning service come and do your windows for you if you’re not confident in your own ability to clean your windows. 

The Advantages of Partnering With a Tinted Window Cleaning Company

Partnering with an experienced window cleaning company ensures your windows are cleaned correctly and that your window tint isn’t damaged. 


Professional tinted window cleaners have the tools necessary to remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants from your windows, without scratching the tint or causing discoloration. 


If you’d prefer to hire a professional to clean your windows rather than try to clean the tint yourself, then consider partnering with Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance. 

Contact a Professional Tinted Window Cleaner

Since 1996, our highly skilled technicians have been helping home and business owners clean tinted windows. We’ve developed special techniques for cleaning window tints and do our best to deliver streak-free windows that reflect the integrity of our business. 


To learn more about our professional tinted window cleaner services, get in touch with Evergreen Window Cleaning and Home Maintenance today.