If you live in the Pacific Northwest – or any other wet sun-starved climate – you’re familiar with the sight of moss. And while moss can be quite beautiful in the forest, it doesn’t look very nice on your asphalt comp roof. 它也造成了损害. 莫斯 puts down roots, collects 和 traps moisture, 和 over time eats away at your 屋顶瓦. I have advised my customers for years that far away the best policy when it comes to your roof is to keep it clean 和 never allow the moss to grow on it.




But what do you do if you already have moss on your 屋顶瓦? Because every roof is different 和 not all homeowners have the same needs or budget, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to 除苔藓 和 外部清洁维护.



Here are a few of the best roof 除苔藓 options:


This is what most Puget Sound homeowners should do 例行公事地 to prevent moss from growing on the roof in the first place. And it’s also a great way to take care of very light current moss growth on the roof–I’m talking about moss growth that is no higher than the thickness of your asphalt comp 屋顶瓦. It might also be a good option for even thicker moss, but keep in mind 1) you will be looking at dead moss for a long time, 2)如果你对治疗不警惕, the dead moss becomes the perfect garden for new moss growth 和 you’ll be right back where you started. If you have anything more than very thin moss or if you need the roof looking great for a sale, 不要使用这种方法. 硫酸锌粉 和氯漂白剂 最常见的是苔藓治疗吗, but there are other options where 环境al concern is high. 以下是步骤:

  • 风把屋顶上松动的碎片吹掉
  • Line roof with moss treatment powder (or spray on liquid form)
  • 清理排水沟和落水管
  • 清理地面上的碎片



屋顶清洁 by brush can be a good way to go in certain circumstances when moss needs to be removed 和 water is not an option. 它也适用于较硬的屋顶类型. 仍然, it is the least gentle of all the methods we offer 和 a poor option for many roof types 和 conditions. 它也不像屋顶清洗一样干净. 往好处想,它不需要水或者 bleach 和 it can be less expensive (though that is not always the case).

  • 用刷子把屋顶上的苔藓刷掉
  • 鼓风宽松的碎片
  • 应用苔藓治疗
  • 清理排水沟和落水管
  • 清理地上的碎片




For those putting their homes on the market or just need their roof looking as new as possible, 屋顶清洗可能是最好的办法 除苔藓. Please note carefully that this method is neither a 洗,也不是 压力. A high-volume 压力 洗er is used (8 or 10 gallons per minute), but wide-bored specialty nozzles (not available in hardware stores) are required to significantly lower the 压力. 它比软清洗剂研磨性更强, but it uses a lot less bleach 和 the visual end result is almost always superior since the moss is actually removed. While the roof savvy homeowner can DIY Options A or B, that is not the case with the Roof Wash.

  • 鼓风宽松的碎片
  • 清理排水沟和落水管
  • 应用清洁剂
  • Wash all moss from roof using a high volume 和 low 压力
  • 重新清洁排水沟和落水管
  • 捡起地面上的碎片



Soft 洗ing is another method of routine care preferred by many roofing manufacturers. 它对杀死苔藓很有效, 地衣, 和 algae 和 so long as there is very little moss on the roof to begin with the results will be beautiful. 屋顶上的温度也很低. 但这里有一些可能的缺点. 它对你的钱包来说不像锌粉那么温和. It also takes a lot of bleach to do the job properly (sometimes 40-50 gallons). Another potential issue is that if you have more than a modicum of moss on your roof to begin with, there will likely be lines of dead white moss fluff all over your roof at the end of the job. 仍然, it’s a great way to go in certain situations. As with the Roof Wash, the Soft Wash is not for DIY. 过程是这样的:

  • 鼓风宽松的碎片
  • 清理排水沟和落水管
  • 清理地面上的碎片
  • Rinse down all plant-life 和 property that might be damaged
  • 应用清洁剂 (a water + 氯 or oxygen bleach + a surfactant)
  • 再次彻底地把所有东西都冲洗干净


I have not been thrilled by the results of this method. While it is better for the roof than the brush method, 这是劳动密集型, 对房主来说很贵, 最终的结果并不令人满意. It removes the moss but all the dirt 和 grime remains. (Just imagine taking a shower at the end of a long day working in the garden with compressed air instead of water. 就像这样.)



所以,什么对你和你的屋顶最好? The goal in every roof 除苔藓 decision is not simply to go with the gentlest approach possible, 这是一种尽可能温和的方式 鉴于你的情况. (也, bearing in mind that “gentlest” on your roof isn’t always the gentlest on your wallet, 环境, 或者有利的房屋销售.) Situational variables are important to think about when deciding which option to go with. 以下是一些值得思考的问题:

  • 莫斯 -有多严重?
  • 类型 -你的屋顶是沥青混合料吗, 雪松摇, 混凝土砖, 橡胶板, 真正的西班牙瓷砖, 铝, PVC膜, torchdown, 等?
  • 条件 – Is the roof too old, brittle, or 软, to withst和 any type of cleaning? 它是适于步行的?
  • 结果需要 -你的保险公司需要清除苔藓吗? 你要把房子挂牌出售吗?
  • 审美情趣 – Is the sight of moss on your roof more abrasive on your eyes 和 mind than any abrasion caused to the roof by 除苔藓?
  • 预算 – Do you have the money to pay for the option you want? Or do you need to get creative 和 find a cheaper solution? And if you go cheaper now, will it cost you more in the future?



当然,如果你住在西雅图, 贝尔维尤, 海岸线, Issaquah, or the surrounding areas, feel free to call us at 或与我们联系任何问题. We’re happy to help you find the best option for you 和 your roof. You can also check out our Evergreen Roof Care page for more information. 百老汇app & 百老汇app 乐意尽我们所能为您服务吗.


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